Reading List: July 22, 2016

Content creators, social influencers, & FTC disclosures. Smiley faces (& more) at work. Slogans that sing.

Reading List – July 22, 2016

Whoosh! Hear that sound? It’s this summer barreling by at warp speed. Here are three articles that I enjoyed and you may have missed.

Brands could face penalties when social media influencers & content creators don’t disclose their relationships clearly.

Are you a marketing or PR pro who collaborates with content creators or social media influencers to promote your brand? Or are you a creator, influencer, or ambassador who is offered freebies or cash to recommend products and services to your followers?

In either role, it’s important to:

  1. Review how the Federal Trade Commission’s endorsement guidelines apply to you; and
  1. Have a substantive discussion about how the mechanics of the media, platforms, and venues involved will affect the required disclosure of your business relationship.

Warner Bros. learned this the hard way when a 2014 sponsored content campaign – centered around YouTube content creators – triggered FTC charges. This L.A. Biz article by Annlee Ellingson details the FTC’s ruling and how the campaign violated the spirit of the guidelines.

Are emoji symbols okay to use in work emails? (Emoji? Emojis?)

They’re not just for texting and social media, but experts interviewed for Fast Company suggest you proceed with caution before you use them in work emails.  Related: Grammarly Blog asks and answers, What’s the correct plural form for ‘emoji’?” (My advice: Tailor your plural form to your audience’s expectations.)

Making your messages memorable.

Via AdAge, marketing and public relations trailblazer Al Reis offers five tried and true ways to coin a phrase that’s catchy.* It’s a great read with some very entertaining, real-life examples.

Many of techniques he suggests seem to come more easily to musicians, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

*See what I did there – and multiple places – in this post? (Sorry not sorry. D’oh.)

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