Brand Marketing & PR for 20+ Anime Properties

Anime marketing & public relations ♥.

Brand Marketing for 20+ Anime Properties

In addition to successfully marketing Right Stuf’s online storefront, I raised the profile and sales of Japanese animation properties licensed and released through its home video division.

“Working both sides of the fence” – marketing the store and publishing divisions simultaneously – was an advantage, as I regularly applied the knowledge I gained from each area to the other.

Targeted Brand Marketing & PR for 20+ Classic & Niche Anime Properties

I handled marketing and public relations for more than 20 niche and classic anime properties – from the pre-license stage to initial release (and often re-release) – on top of shows acquired before my arrival at the company.

Again, I took an omnichannel approach that started at the earliest stages of the licensing process and placed a heavy emphasis on identifying each property’s most fervent prospective fans and establishing ongoing, two-way communication with them.

  • Researching consumer demand for particular titles, plus sales forecasting.
  • Identifying and recommending prospective licenses (and audiences) for each title.
  • Making recommendations regarding release formats.
  • Introducing properties to market via license announcement and launch events.
  • Creating and carrying out long-term catalog initiatives – informed by statistical, anecdotal, customer, and sales research at all stages of licensed properties’ lifespans.
  • Planning and executing pre-order special offers, including promotional items (concept to production and placement).
  • Establishing cohesive messaging across owned online assets (series sites, banners) and print promotional media (consumer ads and postcards, B2B sell sheets).
  • Supervising and participating in the production of original and supplemental content for series websites.
  • Strategic expansion of title-specific marketing across both print and online media.

Nurturing Strong Fan, Media & Collaborative Relationships

Many of the 20+ anime titles were initially considered hard to sell – and difficult to market – in North America due to the properties’ age and/or subject matter. My strategies helped these titles exceed historical market expectations by embracing these factors and turning them into unique selling points.

However, it wouldn’t have been possible without building long-term relationships with several key audiences.

  • Actively listening to and engaging with the fans via social media, forums, and personal contact.
  • Diversifying the media/reviewer program by increasing interaction with active freelance writers-contributors.
  • Maintaining an ongoing dialogue with editors regarding new releases, story ideas (theirs and mine), and the availability of art and multimedia assets for editorial use.
  • Establishing and maintaining co- and cross-promotional relationships with the publishers who released the original manga and tie-ins for English-speaking readers.
  • Offering promotional and screening materials to libraries and clubs via the rebooted screening program.
  • Expanding convention screenings and cross-promotions, serving as the company’s official spokesperson, and conducting panels at Anime Expo (Los Angeles, California) and Anime Iowa.

Notable Properties (Including Some Personal Favorites)

Antique BakeryARIA The ANIMATION (plus sequels The NATURAL, The OVA: ~ARIETTA~, and The ORIGINATION); classic Dirty Pair (TV series + OVA series); Emma: A Victorian Romance (2 TV series); Junjo Romantica (2 TV series); Maria Watches Over Us (3 TV series + OVA series); Martian Successor NadesicoRistorante ParadisoSound of the SkyPrincess KnightThe Rose of Versailles; and Revolutionary Girl Utena.

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