Establishing & Growing an Online Streaming Channel

From programming & promotions to measurement & monetization.

Establishing & Growing an Online Streaming Channel

As part of my efforts to promote Right Stuf’s anime releases, I arranged to stream the first episodes of several series via videogame and anime magazine sites – prior to their DVD debuts and before online video became commonplace.

Offering fans the ability to preview these properties worked – in conjunction with the rest of the marketing strategy – to generate interest in each series and increase sales.

With these successful promotions in mind, I was charged with establishing and programming the publishing division’s YouTube channel, to offer previews of new releases and build buzz for bargain-priced re-releases.

Programming & Promotions

The YouTube channel’s content (prior to my involvement) consisted entirely of trailers and commercials. Under my management, its content expanded to include:

  • The first two episodes for most back-catalog series.
  • A rotating selection of new and recent series, with episodes added on a weekly basis. (And timed to coincide with other promotions for these properties and their ongoing releases.)
  • And eventually, full seasons and series.

In addition to including “buy links” in the video descriptions and annotations — which encouraged viewers to pick up the DVD release(s) for each property — the channel and individual series sites cross-linked with each other. Newly added (or reactivated) programming was included in news items, social media posts, and email newsletters for the online store and the publishing division.

Monetizing & Measurement

The channel’s early success with growing both viewership and audience engagement led to participation in the YouTube Partner Program. This status offered access to content rights management tools and the ability to claim a share of the advertising revenue generated by views of the channel’s videos.

  • Soon after, I monetized and optimized the online advertising for the channel, which led to notable growth in ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) revenue from year to year (2011-2013).
  • This project served as the starting point for internal research on how digital distribution affected the sales of physical media.
  • It also established AVOD as a significant revenue stream, in addition to digital and broadcast licensing, digital VOD and download-to-own (DTO), and the release of physical media.

“Mobile Video” icon by Sharon Showalter, via The Noun Project.