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Alison Roberts is superlative at her job. She combines a perfect, upbeat, unstoppable attitude, with bulldog persistence, yet without ever antagonizing her contacts. She truly believes in what she does and is an unqualified joy to have as part of the team. She is constantly resourceful – in all the time we’ve been dealing with her, I have never seen her defeated, only temporarily diverted, to immediately jump back and win the fray. 10 stars out of 5.”

Gregory Grene
Founder, The Prodigals

Acting as a media liaison, her contacts were very pleased with her because she always provided them with continual opportunities for news stories. She made herself available to them 24 hours a day, answering their questions and/or providing them with the opportunity to speak with the right, knowledgable, ‘expert’ staff member. This provided me with a comfortable environment to do my daily job and allowed a smoother transition into interviews with media without losing valuable production time. Ms. Roberts used every opportunity, no matter how small it might have been, to promote our facility. I could always count on good press coverage.”

– George W. Fleenor
Owner, Geo Graphics Imaging
(then Director, Bishop Planetarium)