Content Evaluation, Licensing & Development

A customized, all-angles approach at every stage of an intellectual property’s life cycle.

Content Evaluation, Licensing & Development by Alison L. Roberts

Are you licensing, repackaging, and/or marketing foreign-language content for consumption by English-speaking audiences? Developing an original intellectual property? Or something in between?

My successful track record spans the entirety of the content creation, licensing, and marketing process. I also enjoy a good challenge as much as I love great content. There are few things in the world more rewarding than taking on niche content, introducing it to fans who become its champions, and ultimately, helping it outperform expectations.

You’ll find a list of the IP evaluation, licensing, development, and marketing services I offer below. To see these services in action, check out my portfolio.

When you start working toward these goals early in the project and incorporate them into all stages of its life cycle, you’re even more likely to succeed. Let’s talk about making it happen for your projects!

Content Evaluation & Licensing

  • Research and discovery of market opportunities and underserved audiences.
  • Identification, evaluation, and recommendation of content, based on quality, consumer demand, and North American market potential.
  • Product life-cycle and release planning to maximize an intellectual property’s cultural and market impact, as well as its longevity.

Content Development

  • Creation of supplemental materials (interviews, liner, and cultural notes), including research and fact-checking.
  • Quality-control support.

Marketing, Promotion & Distribution of Intellectual Properties

  • Omnichannel and multichannel marketing and communications, including product and label/publisher launches, release announcements, and sales team support.
  • Digital distribution support and channel programming.
  • Media relations, strategic partnerships, social media campaigns, and grassroots publicity.
  • Promotional materials, including press releases, media kits, advertising, trailers, websites, sell sheets, merchandise, and promotional items.

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