Social Media: Work & Play? Or All Business?

“Do I need separate personal & work social media accounts?”

Social Media: Work & Play? Or All Business?

These days, almost everyone has an online presence via social media. If you’re also a business owner – or have interests and projects you want to share with the world – you have a choice to make. You can promote your endeavor via your pre-existing “personal” social media accounts, start new business- or project-specific accounts, or do a little of both on a case-by-case and service-by-service basis.

Facebook, in particular, makes this decision relatively easy and encourages you to create a separate page. (I’ll discuss the effectiveness of this in a later post.) But others, such as Twitter and Instagram, are more free-form.

Which is the best path? It depends. The good news is that your social media presence can and should(!) evolve as your needs and audiences do.

I recently split my Twitter presence into distinct work and personal accounts. Here’s a look at my thought process.

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